February 11, 2006
Highlands, TX
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Attention all parents! Within this section, you may gain important information regarding schools in Highlands. Simply click on Local School Information to search all schools. This section will display contact information, test score data and socioeconomic information for your school.

Parents, teachers and administrators may also post information about activities, meetings or other events happening at their schools by using the Add Local School Information link below.
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Elementary Schools Return to Top
B.P. Hopper Primary
Web site
B.P. Hopper Primary

405 E. Houston
Highlands, TX 77562

Principal David Davis

Welcome to B. P. Hopper Primary School!

Our mission and goals...
Every person involved in the learning community of B. P. Hopper Primary School accepts the responsibility of providing developmentally appropriate opportunities that guarantee success in young children. Our 2004 - 2005 goals include the following:

a.. To prepare our students for the new passing standards of TAKS.
b.. To maintain proficiency in all subgroups.
c.. To improve Title I services to better meet the needs of economically disadvantaged students.
d.. To improve attendance.
e.. To encourage and support parent involvement.
Our programs and activities...

At B.P. Hopper Primary School, we offer the following instructional

a.. Regular classes, prekindergarten through first grade
b.. Gifted and talented program, kindergarten through first grade
c.. Bilingual program, prekindergarten through first grade.
d.. PPCD classes for children with disabilities Facts about our school...

a.. Mascot: Grasshoppers
b.. School Colors: Green and white
c.. Motto: 'Hop Higher Every Day in Every Way'
d.. Attendance: 520 students; 53% White, 39% Hispanic, 7%
African-American, and 1% Other.

Highlands Elementary
200 E. Wallisville
Highlands, TX 77562

Principal Judy Duncan

Facts About Our School...
a.. Enrollment-760; 59% White, 32% Hispanic, 8% African American, and 1% Other
b.. Title I Campus since 2000
c.. US Department of Education training site Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers with Technology
d.. University of Houston Student Intern site
e.. Partners In Education with AHA!Process, Inc. through the Baytown Chamber of Commerce Program
f.. Paired campus with Hopper Primary, which serves grades prekindergarten through first
g.. Originally opened in 1926 as part of Crosby ISD; in 1928, joined GCCISD
h.. Rebuilt in 1992
i.. Texas Successful Schools Award System Honoree Our Programs, Services, and Activities

a.. Grades two through five
b.. Academic teams providing quality instruction in reading, math,
science, social studies
c.. Specialists providing programs in physical education, art, music and, computer skills
d.. Dyslexia Program
e.. Special Education
f.. Bilingual Education
g.. Gifted and Talented (GATE) Program
h.. Ventures-Accelerated Program
i.. Master teaching combined with highly integrated technology emphasis
j.. All classrooms networked with computers and labs
k.. Volunteer Parent Program
l.. Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE)
m.. Student Recognition Program
n.. American Heart Association's 'Jump Rope for Heart'-- 22 years
AHA! recognized as top performer

Middle Schools Return to Top
Highlands Junior High
1212 E. Wallisville
Highlands, TX 77562

Principal Steve Herring

'Soar Above the Rest with HJS' is the slogan of the Highlands Junior School Golden Eagles. Each day the black, white, and gold flag of Highlands Junior flies with the red, white, and blue American and Texas flags. The Golden Eagle is emblazoned on the black field of the flag. We soar toward excellence in education, with teachers setting high expectations and students working toward high goals.

The close-knit community of Highlands, McNair, and the surrounding area provides a nurturing environment for family life. Highlands Junior School takes great pride in working with parents and community members to provide our children with the best education possible.

Mission Statement.........
The mission of Highlands Junior School is to serve the diverse and distinguishable needs of this age group while encouraging and leading them to develop intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

The Highlands Junior School Instructional Leadership Team will lead the campus to focus on the following goals:

1.. Students will be lead to develop responsible learning and behavioral patterns.
2.. The network among the instructional staff, parents, students, site administrators, district level administrators, and the community will be strengthened to continue to improve the quality of student learning.
3.. A minimum of eighty percent of the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students will pass all classes while the instructional staff maintains the high academic standards and expectations of GCCISD.
Special programs

a.. Gifted and Talented Education Program (GATE) for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students who qualify.
b.. Pre-Advanced Placement courses for sixth,seventh and eighth grade students who qualify.
c.. Special Education classes in math and language arts for qualified students.
d.. Dyslexia specialist for qualified students
e.. Community-In-Schools
f.. Life Skills classes for all qualified students
g.. Spanish credit by exam for interested students
h.. Duke Talent Search for seventh graders Students at Highlands Junior School can participate in a number of exciting activities and organizations, which include:

a.. Girls' and boys' athletic programs for seventh and eighth graders
b.. History Fair
c.. Science Fair
d.. UIL academic competition
e.. Christian Student Union
f.. Student Council
g.. National Junior Honor Society
Students' achievements are recognized through honor roll and perfect attendance parties every six weeks and numerous special awards presented throughout the school year.

Highlands Junior School is organized around effective middle school practices as defined by the Texas Education Agency, Texas Association of Secondary School Principals, and National Middle School Association.

Facts about our school...

Highlands Junior School has served Highlands, McNair, and the surrounding area since 1958. Now in our 47th year, we are teaching the children of residents who were once HJS students themselves!

Our 110,734 square foot building is situated on 55.2 acres of land, and renovations were completed in 1968, 1992, 1995, and 1997.

According to our August 2004 membership report, 723 students were enrolled for classes, with 51% white, 27% Hispanic, 21% African-American, and 1% Other.
High Schools Return to Top
Baytown Sterling High School
300 W. Baker
Baytown, TX 77520

Principal Trey Kraemer

Welcome to Ross S. Sterling!


'Expect the Best' is the motto of Ross S. Sterling High School, where students and staff are committed to success and learning. Located on Baytown's north side, the school serves approximately 2,635 students with a wide variety of programs and services.

Our mission, beliefs, and goals...

It is our belief that all students can learn and perform successfully.
Ross S. Sterling High School provides an opportunity for all students to achieve their maximum potential in an academically, challenging, and safe atmosphere.

Campus goals...

The Ross Sterling staff and Instructional Leadership Team have worked in conjunction with the principal to determine our focus on the following areas as we set our goals for the 2004-2005 school year:

a.. Mastering TEKS objectives
b.. SAT scores
c.. Advanced Placement Scores
d.. Student Attendance
e.. English as a Second Language Program
f.. Staff Development
g.. Parent Communication
h.. Campus Security
Our programs and activities...

At Ross S. Sterling High School, we offer a wide variety of programs and activities that are designed to meet the needs of our students.
>From academics to clubs and organizations, everybody is somebody
at RSS.

Students have a number of choices when it comes to extracurricular programs based upon their individual interests. Examples are theater arts, band, dance team, orchestra, journalism, art, homemaking, Marine ROTC, or a number of athletics programs, including football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, softball, swimming, tennis, water polo, and golf. For students who are planning a technical career, we offer classes in woodworking, distributive education, business, drafting, agriculture, computer science, auto mechanics, and more.

Facts about our school...

The December 2004 membership report shows that Sterling's ethnic breakdown includes 1,227 (47%) White students, 505 (19%) African-American students, 837 (32%) Hispanic students, and
46 (2%) Asian/American Indian/other students. Over 180 employees participated in providing instruction and support services to Sterling students.

Ross S. Sterling High School was built in 1966 to accommodate the growing population of the Baytown area. Sterling includes over 400,000 square feet and is located on 86.32 acres. The facility offers quick access to many of the city's main thoroughfares, residential areas, and shopping centers.

In addition, the East Annex, which has 35 classrooms, opened in August 2002. These classrooms include science rooms, foreign language labs, an art facility, and regular and special education classrooms.
School Districts Return to Top
Goose Creek CISD
Web site
4544 I-10 East
P.O. Box 30
Baytown, TX 77521